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Duntroon Township

Explore Duntroon

Welcome to our village!

There is so much to do and see around that you should plan some time exploring the area. 

  • Take a relaxed walk through our Duntroon Wetlands.

  • Be ‘gaoled and bailed’ at our historic Duntroon Gaol.

  • Be sure to explore the Vanished World Fossil Centre.

  • Enjoy coffee, lunch or dinner at the historic Duntroon Hotel.

  • Why not relax with a Picnic on the Village Green?

  • Check out Nicol’s Blacksmith Shop and meet Wally at the door.

  • Explore the legendary Brewery Hole, and discover our resident Moa.

  • For campers, be sure to enjoy our popular Duntroon Camping Ground.

Vanished World Centre

Vanished World Centre

At the heart of the Vanished World, the centre shares the fascinating story of a marine world that existed millions of years ago! This community-run Geology and Fossil Centre offers the visitor a look at our internationally renowned marine fossils.

Waipiata, an extinct sharked tooth dolphin along with ancient penguin and whale fossils.
You can Dig Your Own Fossil in the ‘Discovery Room’.

More information on our Vanished World Centre page

Vanished World Trail

A Vanished World Trail Brochure is available at the Vanished World Centre. It will point out a number of interesting sites, including:​

  • Elephant Rocks – a naturally created amphitheatre.

  • Anatini Site, where there is a Whale Fossil in situ, which has waited patiently some 25million years to be discovered.

  • Waipata/Earthquakes, where another whale fossil awaits inspection.

Self Drive Scenic Tour Map

More information on our Vanished World Trail page

Duntroon Hotel

Duntroon Hotel

The Duntroon Hotel is an historic village pub built in 1881, that welcomes locals and visitors alike. The Cafe and Bar has limited opening hours during Winter.

The Duntroon Hotel also offers comfortable accommodation in ensuited rooms.

Check out the Duntroon Hotel website for up-to-date info

Nicol's Blacksmith Shop

This historic Blacksmith Shop has a Heritage New Zealand Category One classification. It was established in the early 1900s and has been faithfully restored. Many of the tools and artifacts were left in the building by the last blacksmith, Nicol Muirden.

  • Open Daily for inspection.

  • Live blacksmith working each weekend from 10am to 3pm from mid October to end of May.

  • Blacksmith Courses for beginners are available by appointment. 

Take a VR tour

Check out other activities and courses by visiting Nicol’s Blacksmith Shop website.

Takiroa Rock Art

Takiroa is a significant landmark in the traditions of Ngāi Tahu Whānui. This rock shelter lies on an ancient pathway following the Waitaki River from the mountains to the sea. The headwaters of the Waitaki River are fed from ka roimata o Aoraki – the tears of Aoraki – the ancestral mountain of Ngāi Tahu Whānui. Takiroa is a physical reminder of the ancestors who have passed through this landscape. The land provided shelter, sustenance, and guidance to them and was and still is a place to share knowledge, a place to learn from, and a repository of people and treasures from the past.

Maori Rock Art

For more information, visit the Waitaki’s official website.

For more things to do in Duntroon, visit or the official Waitaki’s website.

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